Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Doer's and the Dreamers.

Hey everybody. Ok this is a new year everyone's got new armies to build or add more units to a existing one.

I wanna talk about the Doer's. and the Dreamers. What brought me to this subject you ask? Well I get emails and PM's from Dakka Dakka and locally from my FLGS forums on painting and hobby tips. I love helping those people out because some of my favorite painters answered my questions several years ago which helped me refine my painting skills. So I love these people who ask me questions, I reply then later I see them applied on their models. So I love helping those hobbyist all the time.
These people I call Doer's. They ask or search out the info and do it.

Now about the Dreamer's. But first my story what brought this subject up.
I bumped into this fella at my FLGS and he over heard me talking to several people about a commission I sold at the store and he decided to jump in the conversation.
He commented that he knew certain people in the painting community like Mathew Fontaine and Les Bursley very well. So of course I was like wow I am a big fan of these guy's. So we all was captivated and continued to listen to his "story". How Les wanted to buy his Eldar army because he had to have it.
Then that's where it got thick and started to smell like a cattle ranch. So I asked why did Les needed his army? Did he need it cause he was getting a great deal for one of his commissions? Or did he need it for one of his awsome tutorials?
He said because Les wanted it to add to his army because his paint job was so good he had to have it! Ok that's where we all looked at each other and had a grin at each other. So I had to see how far his tale was going and asked him how much he sold it to him and he said couple hundreds of dollars and went on and on that's when this group started walking away and I got stuck with him. So to be nice I told him nice to meet you and walked away. Then I bumped into him again several months later at Game Kastle's flea market and he re introduced him self. He told me he was starting a Dark Angels army and he got some classic DW models from the early 90s at the flea market. And showed me his paint job of some of the models he started and I gotta tell you not to be mean. It was horrible! So I was nice and told him good job and keep up the good work.
Then he PM'd me 3 months ago asking how to paint the Deathwing and gave him two ways to do it, one was by using a brush and the other by using a airbrush and sent him a link from his close friend Les on his tutorial on how to paint DW since it was close to my style. And last week he asked me the same question and told him I already emailed you back and you confirmed it. Then he was oh yeah sorry I forgot. So I emailed him back asking how it was going with the army and he responded I didn't start on it yet.
OMG!! This fella is a Dreamer. I cannot help those who don't help them selfs.
Some of might think this is mean or cruel but its the truth.

I know we see these people talking the talk on what they will do and what they bought but months later nothing to show. Then the hoarders who buy everything new that comes out and after hundreds of dollars later nothing is either built or painted.
These are the people I call Dreamers. Now granted I am also guilty of having several boxes of models not open (my Grey Knights) but I have been working on my Dark Angels and commissions in my defense. So technically I got models done even though some of them was not mine lol. So five boxes of Grey Knights is far from hoarder status.

So let me know your stories about the dreamer you know or met or what you think about this subject.
Thanks for listening and Happy Painting!


  1. I'm a bit of both but I know what you mean I meet people like that all the time
    the local GW is rife with them I painted 2000pts of space wolves in my first six months decided I didn't like the colour so started to change them now I've hust started a chaos alpha legion warand and with two DV boxes I've got tones to do now but I'm still learning and any help is always welcomed check out my blog and let me know what yo think

    Back to the point you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. This sums up people like the guy you were talking about

    Keep up the good work

  2. GreyDeathOne, I'm a hoarder, I buy lots of plastic crack and resin and do paint as you've seen on the Weemen blog, however I'm not a dreamer - I'm a do-er hoarder... I just buy far too much and get distracted by new toy syndrome or have to go work at sea (Forces). This year so far I've had a fair crack at getting some of the terrain done which has gone nicely so far with several pieces finished at last, I'm progressing with the 4 Drop Pods i started last Crimbo (!) and have one last rhino for the Relictors Battle Company to finish. Not all hoarders are dreamers... we just buy quicker than we can paint!! And I'm slooow...

    1. Lol at least you admit it lol! Some hobbyist don't realize it. What you average models you complete painted a month? It's gotta be at least a 10 man squad right?