Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reviewed: January White Dwarf

Ok finally read cover to cover on this months WD and I gotta admit was really good. I won't do a very detailed review since there is quite a bit already on the blogosphere and YouTube.
What I will cover is what I am more interested in is the Dark Angels. A lot of the articles don't cover detail stats on the new units and make little reference in the battle report. But does give you a sample of their capabilities. So over all this is a teaser for next weekends release of the codex and models.

So what really stood out is the new flier, the Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter.
I got both positive and negative feelings on this kit.
First the negative, the Dark Talon looks like a flying alter taken from the Vatican and mounted it on a flier. This will probably grow on me with time but for now meh!
I will build the Nephilim variant first.

Now the positive. Well first off We Have a Flier!!!!!!! Thank you GW for paying attention to my Dark Angels instead of the preppy boys of the imperium the Ultra Marine bleh ( sorry puked in my mouth ;P ).
Second using the First Legions history and age and giving them forgotten technology that most chapters lost that we still have, The Rift Cannon! Now we don't really know what it can do now till the codex comes out but come on its gotta be good. Hell look at the Helldrake's Bale flamer.
Also another positive they gave us two distinctive variants. And it does look like different aircraft and not just a weapons load out variant of the Storm Talon.
Another note from the battle report is the Stasis Bombs. That's a nifty arsenal to have to slow or de buff ground units. Looking forward getting this next Saturday.

Ahhhh the Land Speeder Vengeance/Ravenwing Darkshroud. I have the same feelings as the fliers with the whole alter thing for the Darkshroud but will grow on me later. But the Vengeance variant I like.

This model just looks mean and badass in the Vengeance variant. Hell twin linked Plasma Cannon on a skimmer this just gives a intimidation factor on the table.
But during the WD batrep this baby did not fair well but like Matt Hutson I agree it was executed wrong in tactics and is a support and not a main battle tank.
I will probably get this model later once I figure out the new codex.

The Ravenwing Command Squad/Black Knights. Well these models will do well in my collection and look more awsome. I love squads that have different looks within any squad and that they don't look static like. These new models give a lot of character and new found strength in the bike squad. And they did well in this months batrep.

The new Belial and Asmodai I love these new figures. Both sculpts are perfect to me and not too fluffy as I like to call some other figures. Belial stands stoic and not too dramatic and Asmodai is much better then the older model of nearly 20 years old.
I cannot wait to paint these models.

Ah the Deathwing Command Squad/Deathwing Knights box set. This is the other box set I will be getting with the new flier. The Knights is what I will be building first mostly based on how they look. This option really has tons of character and will look awsome in any existing DA army. As for the Command Squad this will look really good as a retinue for Belial.

Ok that is my view on this months WD and I am looking forward for next weekend.

Happy Painting.


  1. Great review I have the same opinion about the flyer and thr darkshroud floating temple, hope the codex is good too and has a nice balance and is no to over powered

    1. Thanks Luke glad you agree lol! Also I do hope the codex is balance cause I hate to see a bunch of "flavor of the week" players starting a new DA army because they are a new power house army. I wish these guys pick a army they love because they love it win or lose and not cause it will make them win all the time.
      Also love your blog I subbed.
      Happy Painting.