Friday, January 11, 2013

One more day till the release!

Ok the blogosphere is rampant of news and poor Faeit 212 mail box as usual flooded with leaks and rumors. Also I see the web full of people jumping on the bandwagon and starting on their DA.
Just like previous army releases Dark Eldar, Space Wolves and Blood Angels. Seems like these people not loyal to what ever army they started with. They seem to be power hungry and looking for what ever advantage they can get over their opponent. Ugh power players, I am not a big gamer and still need to get my first 6th Ed game in and now that my DA is at a decent size I have to make a effort to play. But I do see them at my FLGS. I guess I am a purest kinda like Ork and Tau players I see with the same army and adjusting their list to to deal with any changes that GW throws at them.
Sorry guys venting again Lol!

Ok back to my initial excitement. My FLGS is also having a Flea Market the same day so it will be crazy at the store. So I gotta get there early. I know Carl Tuttle of Independent Character will be there and hope to see his gang there too. So I will post on the Codex and the Flier later this weekend and more on what I am working on.

Happy Painting!

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