Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Greatest Weekend for Me!

Hey everyone. Well it has been a great weekend for me, with the Dark Angels release of the new Codex and models and my favorite gaming store Game Kastle holding another Flea Market in the gaming area of the store and man another great turn out and great finds too.
Back Gaming Area.

Small Gaming Area.

Who is that tall sexy guy at the counter? LOL!

But like the Dark Angels I was only after one thing. Well make that two for me. I picked up the Codex and Dark Talon.

I have to say the codex is well writen and we have more details on the history and information of the Dark Angels. I am almost done reading it and I am disappointed on the part of the Successor Chaptors and they did not show any more detail pictures on them except the miniatures that was painted up in the gallery area of the book. This would be nice to see the variant colors in thier First and Second Companies.
As for the Dark Talon model, like GW fashon when it comes to plastic models is top notch. I will have to start building this quick since I picked up another customer and will slow me down again in my build of my beloved chapter. But since my customer wants me to paint his Blood Angels battle force box set and I have painted two whole armies of Blood Angels in the past this will be easy. Eddie has the hard part in my eyes of building them up. Some of you know from Dakka I really do not enjoy building and love to paint them instead. But Eddie is the excact opposite of me he loves the conversion and building aspects.
So hope to post soon on my Dark Talon and finishing up my DV DA models so I can buy my new Terminators and Something in the Ravenwing line.

Happy Painting!

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