Wednesday, October 17, 2012

John's Malifaux Project Update #5

Hey everyone, Well hope you guys are grinding away on your miniatures like I am. I got quite a full plate of models to work on and my buddy Eddie of Mortis Forge just finished the Helldrake and started on the Forgefiend last night. I am also in the process of priming Dan's Dark Angels today and hopefully base coating it also.

Now to John's Malifaux minis, I am about 90% done on Rasputina's Alt, Kaeris, Silent One, and the goblin dudes. I also repainted December to a white and grey color per John's request and just need to do the snow base on her. Most of the models was painted to my Level 2 standard and the two larger models was painted to my higher Level 1 standard.
Most of the models was oil washed and just need some more detail and then gotta work on the other 4
models, Male Gunslinger, Female Gunslinger and can't remember the other two lol!
Well here are the pictures hope you enjoy them.

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