Monday, October 15, 2012

Commission Update. Now booked till Nov. 11

Hey everybody, well still getting over my cold and slowly getting back to my commission. Today I will be working full blast on John's models cause I picked up two more commissions.

One was by coincident when I purchased some Dark Vengeance chaos sprues from Dan and then he hit me up to paint his Dark Angels up from the same box set, and the second was his buddy Jason and a customer of mine from the Game Kastle flea market who purchased my painted servo skull tape measure. He hit me up to magnetize the 2 Forgefiends and 1 Helldrake and paint it up.

So I got Eddie of  Mortis Forge to do the hard work putting that all together and then he will drop off the models for my fun part painting! So now I am booked till November 11th and won't be taking anymore commissions till I complete all these models. But I still can provide quotes and book commissions for after Nov.11th.
So thank you again to my existing and returning customers.

So here is a small progress report on the Malifaux models, I had to do a color change on the Blessed December model. John changed his mind and wanted a more winter feel and settled to go white and grey so that is now based color and needs details. I also primed up the goblin looking guys and two more models which is now primed and based and ready for details.
Here are the pictures.

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