Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's On GreyDeathOne's Desk

Hey everyone I know it has been a while. Well work has been crazy but I manage to still paint when I get a chance.

Fasteddie and I been working on a army we will sell once it has been completed and this will basically fund our hobby!
Eddie is building and I am painting ( I hate building lol ) this Blood Angels build and will go with a tabletop quality to speed up this build. We are basically looking at a starter army and when we looked at the GW battleforce box we kinda laughed! Also searching the web for what type of BA army list some people are playing and we see the assault army base. We wanted it to be appealing to someone to buy and not to expensive. So here is what we think the battleforce should've looked like.

3 HQ Dante, Astorath, Mepheston
1 5 man squad Sanguary Guard
1 Dred
2 10 man assault squad
1 5 man squad Death Company

Here is a little progress on the army build, Enjoy!!


  1. How quickly are you getting through the models?

    1. Well not as quick as you lol! I got all the base color on all of the models and now on details on most of them. I been hooked on Mepheston as of late.

  2. look great can not wait to see them finished.

  3. Thanks Blood Of The Fallen! Yea me too and if it sells and the rumors are true about 6th edition box set will have Dark Angels I am all over it lol!!