Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting caught up on posting on Speed Painting and Update on BA Build!

Hey everyone!! Hope you guys are enjoying your 3 day Holiday and getting some painting or gaming done.

Just a small update and wanted to share it with you guys. Since I been busy at work and did not have time to post I might as well show you guys what I been up to these past several weeks.
As you know I am working on a Blood Angels army to sell, and I also got some speed painting done on a Necron Lord for my brother in-law and also got to watch a game or two at my favorite local hobby store Game Kastle.

I compled a Necron Lord in pretty much 2 days and was surprise was easy. The longest part was his staff but I was really happy how it came out. Take a look....

Also there was a tournament at Game Kastle and a good Dakka Dakka buddy Nowoo had his beautiful painted Necrons on the warpath with a really cool Adeptus Mechanicus army.  There was alot of folks with painted armies for a change and that was pretty much the rule for this tournament and was nice to see painted armies instead of primed armies lol!! So check out these pictures,

Also a small update on my BA army. I finally got Mepheston sword done and also 80% done with Dante.
All I got on these two HQ is details and touch up and basing and viola!! Done. Then its a long process of detailing the rest of the army.

Alright everyone that is what you all missed and I am now caught up lol! Ok remember everyone when your hobby no longer becomes fun and feels like a chore it's time to put it down for a while and do something else, so remember to get out do something different once in a while and you will always find your hobby fun!!


  1. The Necron lord looks fantastic really like how the staff turned out.

  2. Thanks BOTF. Yea I was surprised my self especially how quick I did it lol!