Sunday, January 1, 2012

Speed Painting!

Happy New Year everyone!  Well it's a new year and that mean new projects to start on.
My first project for the new year was painting my nephews Razorback with options to change up the configurations when needed.

I recruited Fasteddiexx1 and his fasteddieforge to build the tank and he completed it in less then 2 days
(I hate building lol!) and I painted this kit in about 6 hours.
My inspiration comes from my dakka buddy Eggroll who's style for painting Blood Angels is top notch.
check his blog out Eggroll's awsome BA. .

I could of done more details but trying to complete it for a game tomorrow but it is a good tabletop quality and matches his army.

So here it is let me know what you guys think.

Happy painting everyone!!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout Grey. One lucky Nephew you got there!

  2. Its been to quiet.... need more awesome painting!

  3. Sorry Knightley was busy with work and sorry for the late response. So you asked and you shall recieve!!