Monday, December 19, 2011

Project Grey Knights

Hey everyone sorry for the slow start of this army build. I got caught up in holiday chores and also got sick this past week!! Damn winter season and it does not help working in a hospital where all the sick people go lol!!
Anywho...I did some prep work by de-sprueing my parts for my GK power armour guys and planning on the magnetizing portion on a few guys. This build of 5 marines are for my Purifiers to go along with Crowe and I am also prepping him by filling bubbles and filing flash off of him.

I also did a test color paint on a sprue using Panzer Grey primer and then basing it with Natural Steel and highlighting it with Aluminium (all Vallejo colors). I have to say it is perfect for what I am looking for and it's not too shiny and not too dark. Take a look let me know what you think.

Also just started on Crowe and so far he looks ok but still got a long ways to go on him.

Alright folks that is the update for now and if I do not update this blog during Christmas time I wish you all a great Holiday and happy painting!

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