Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recharging the Battery

Hey everyone here is another segment of Recharging the Battery.  I know I need some recharging my self and this video got me going and hope you guys enjoy it.
This is from Miniwargaming and made by Miniwargaming Dave. I am sure you guys are familiar with their mini series Captain Slaughter's Rejects and if you don't check it out and if you like this movie please like it and subscribe to their channel.
Well here you guys go enjoy!


  1. The MWG crew do have great vids, I am a huge fan of the Dave vs Joe Battle reports.

  2. Yup Knightley the Dave and Joe batrep are hilarious. Friendly trash talk or joking is great during a game is hella fun. I been at hobby stores and seen people too serious and take the fun out of the whole thing.