Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Grey Knights

Hey everyone today is planning and prepping my build of my Grey Knights. I have been busy once again with work and also trying to finish my Ravenwing squad (feeling guilty for starting my GK).
But I manage to pull my boxes off the shelf and show you what I will be using to build my GK.

First here is what I have so far that I collected this year for this build.

3 HQ Draigo,Stern and my favorite Crowe! I also have have another I want to build and want to keep that a secret for now since I did not see anyone build him yet LOL!

2 boxes of GK power armor marines and planning to make them Purifiers to go along with Crowe, 1 box of GK Terminators and the most bad ass model.....the Nemesis Dreadknight!!
I will plan to buy another Terminator set and Dreadknight in the future but for now this is what I got.
I will plan to magnetize what I can to add value to my models and I also got the magnets this past Friday night.

Here are the bases I will be using that come from Mr. Justin's Secret Weapon. These are the Urban street bases for the troops and the Oval base is the Trench works.
I will also will be attending Mr. Justin's weathering class next Saturday at my local game store Game Kastle.
I will post something on the class later.

And here is the weapon of choice I will be using to paint my army and this is just the basic paints I will mostly be using and will airbrush most of the model and use a brush for details and areas the airbrush can't.
I will do a test prime and base color on a sprue to see what the silver base will look better on, black or grey.
So here is the the paint list:

Vallejo Primer Black or German Panzer Grey
Vallejo Model Natrural Steel (the base color)
Vallejo Model Air Aluminium (high light)
Vallejo Model Air Gun (shadowing)
Vallejo Model Air White (the best white on the market)
Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil (this is a off white and not very bright also best white on the market)
Vallejo Air Scarlet Red
Vallejo Air Red
Vallejo Oro Liquido Gold ( best metalic paints!! Remember to use thinner or alcohol to clean your brush)
And my trusty Badger Universal 360 model.

Alright guys and gals that is the list what I will be working on and if you have any questions please comment below and I will be glad to help you out.

Happy Painting!!

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  1. loving the paints list, and couldn't agree more about the liquid gold paints, nothing even come close to beating them.

    looking forward to seeing the minis taking shape!