Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Grey Knights

Hello fellow wargamers, yea yea I know it's been a while and as some of you know who follow me on Dakka Dakka I just started working again at my old job and with the past holiday I just could not find the time and was too tired lol!

But my buddy Knightley has been cracking away on his army Here is his thread on Dakka( Knightley's Awsome Dakka Thread ) and he got me motivated to start mine.

Some of you know my wife bought my Grey Knights back in April for my birthday and I have not started on them cause I was still working on my beloved Dark Angels. So I figured I am at a decent point wise on my Dark Angels and can start on the Grey Knights.
Some of you are wondering why the Grey Knights?  Well back in the late 80's (yea I am old lol) White Dwarf released a issue introducing the Grey Knights and also the model of the terminiators and I was hooked on the look and the background, and when they released it this past April I was in love with them again.

Ok nuff jabber jawing!! My inspiration style of painting method comes from Buypainted on youtube BuyPainted Channel and will be implementing his technique on to my style.(you airbrushers please check it out and subscribe to his channel)
My buddy Knightley's way was how I painted my first Grey Knight and love that style but love how the metalics look on the new figures and I will be going this route. I will be posting vids(not mine lol) on the techniques I have learn from buypainted and Les Bursley so anybody who will start building their GK army with me will get tips on how to paint them.
So stay tune for my first WIP and will post my start soon!

Happy Painting!

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