Friday, October 19, 2012

John's Malifaux Project. Completed!

All right one commission down two to go. Completed all his Malifaux models and I painted the two larger models to my Level 1 standard and the rest to my tabletop standard. I love the sculpts on these
models but man they are small to my liking lol. But I heard they are switching to plastic and hope the details are better then what they are now. Well enough talk here is some more pictures.
Happy Painting!


  1. They look amazing! Gotta grab myself some Malifaux miniaures and give them a try. Hope the client loves them.

  2. Kevin thanks for joining and thank you for the compliment. Yea I do recommend them even though they are small for my taste. Really good sculpts on most of them and I saw some of the plastic models a local gamer brought in and she had these Asian railroad crew and man I thought the ones I painted was small man these where small lol!