Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Building a better battlefield.

Hey everyone. This is a new segment for building a better gaming battlefield experience. I just don't only believe a painted army is more fun but a well built battlefield adds a better experience of the game.
Hell why spend hours painting up you army only to play on a unfinished board or excuse my French half assed terrain pieces. I know some of you don't want to have a gaming table at home but this is for the people who do.
Yes I know not all of us can afford great looking terrain pieces, but like you investing in the next model for your army you can start one piece at a time. I will try in the future cover affordable ways to build your battlefield which in turn requires time crafting the pieces and then painting them. Remember time is money and trust me your time is important.
Today I will cover a new site I found and a roll up battlefield I use which helps anybody who do not have space for a gaming table that takes up a dinner table size area.
Ok the battlemat I use is from a company called ZUZZY it is a latex roll up battlemat and can come in various sizes to your gaming size. Also different texture themes. I have a 4X4 and a 4X6 mat my self and one is a wasted woodland theme and the larger one is a urban battlefield theme here is a few pictures.

I place them on a wood board then on two fold away tables which is very space friendly for anybody.

Painting these mats are very easy using acrylic paints thinned down and a large brush can be painted in a weekend for a 4X4 mat and if you use a airbrush like I do me and my buddy painted the urban one in a few hours. I believe this option best for most gamer and is wife and girlfriend friendly so they don't see a eye soar for a long time lol!

Ok now to the new site I bumped into. The site is called SARISSA PRECISION they make these excellent laser cut MDF board terrain models for western, WW II, and future terrain pieces.

A lot of companies like Micro Art Studios and Warmill make these laser cut boards but this company makes different genres not just future based themes so for you Malifaux fans will enjoy the western theme buildings and we 40k and Infinity fans can enjoy the futuristic theme ones.

Hopefully I will do a product review soon so stay tuned. Like all laser cut boards are very detailed and good quality and will last a long time. Here are some pictures of the blueprints of the building and pictures from their site from a game club using their products. 



  1. That Zuzzy mat looks awesome! I may have to get one of those someday. All of the options I've seen before like making a board take up so much space which doesn't go well with an apartment. thanks for sharing!

  2. cpyke thanks for joining my blog and glad you like the article. Yea the Zuzzy mat is a good way to go for storage and on the go player. If you get one shoot me a picture of yours done up!