Thursday, September 27, 2012

Product Review. FFG X-Wing

Well I won't post too many product reviews unless its something I really enjoy and love.
Well I love Star Wars and growing up during that era playing will all the toys through all the first three movies, it brings back a nostalgia of my youth.

Theres not to many board type games I really enjoyed through the years and can name a few in my hand and still have a few fingers left over, Space Hulk, Talisman and now X-wing!

Initially I saw this game online and was curious so I went straight to Fantasy Flight Games and saw the full video tutorial then I was hooked. The rules was so easy and does not come with a bible size rule book which is a plus for me.
In the box it comes with 1 X-Wing and 2 TIE Fighters,  various maneuvers templates, a firing range template, action tokens, 3 Red to hit dice, 3 Green save/evade dice, damage cards, upgrade cards and other tokens and mission tokens.

Initially it looked overwhelming once you take everything out but once you despure the tokens and separate everything it is simple. Set up is a breeze FFG really did their homework in designing this game for simplicity. Going a once over the rules we was ready to play.

I recruited my son to play and since he does not really dig these type of games he is the Xbox gen but is a big fan of Star Wars (glad something's rubbed off on him! LOL!) I picked Imperial to keep his interest in this experiment. After 40 mins my son won and he really enjoyed it. My dice rolls sucked and with his saves and shields +hull points the rookie pilot survived well.
Movement is straight forward and the mystery movement dials you place face down then you reveal it by flipping face up gives you a sense of chaos. Not knowing what your opponent is going to do really makes the game fun. Not like some games you can automatically predict what they are going to do but this system makes it like a real dog fight and trying to anticipate their next moves can be full of surprises!

After the game the next day I went back to my local gaming store Game Kastle and bought more expansion ships. I picked up a X-wing ,Y-Wing and 2 TIE Advance Fighters (Ugh there goes some of my commission money!) now I really can get some advantage in the Imperial side and can't wait for this weekend for my next game.

So there you go that's my review the game is simple really fun and fast.  Check the full tutorial below and hope you give it a try at a local game store before buying.

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