Saturday, September 29, 2012

John's Malifaux Commission

Hey everyone my Dark Angels now on the back burner due to a new customer I picked up and man these Malifaux figures are awsome. Originally he wanted me to paint Marcus who is another cool sculpt but during our meeting he switched it up with a cooler character Rasputina! She is cooler looking then Lady Justice and Purdita.

So I got a total of 14 models to do up and decided to paint the cooler ones first lol! So I had a lot of flash and mold lines to clean up them but was really excited to start base coloring one of the models and will fill in the gaps on the Snow Storm later so I started priming the Avatar of Famine and base coloring it and laying down the first layer of highlights.
Take a look what was completed so far.


  1. Thanks Knightly. Yea I was really impressed my self when My customer showed them to me.

  2. Really lookin' awesome - I love the use of lighting already showing on the avatar and am excited to see how it continues to come together!