Friday, September 14, 2012

Making your hobby more fun and interesting.

Hey everyone with Dark Vengeance out and Chaos around the corner, motivation to bolster your army or  start a new one starts flowing when new products are release from GW.

I always try to make my army different from all the other Dark Angels, not just by color of shades of green but by variants of different armor types within a squad. But with after market bits from various manufacturers like Scibor, Puppets War and many others. Adding different shoulder pads,heads or weapons will make your army stand out and well....awesome!! 

So what I am trying to convey to make your army interesting is not just paint your army but add bits to sergeants or veteran squads or if you can afford it to your whole army. Hell if your going to dump your hard earn money in a battle force box and spend hours assembling and painting them, why not invest a little more time and money to make your army Yours.
So for you chaos fans Puppets war will be releasing some new shoulder pads and bits for your cultist.
Take a look at these.

And now to making your hobby fun not saying painting and converting isn't fun but I saw from a Fellow Dakka Dakka poster painted a GW Servo Skull Tape Measure and motivated me to paint one my self and  man that turned out well. I seen people paint the blast template and it does make the gaming fun when you have visual items that give a form of realism but as a conversation starter this painted servo skull that is painted like a real skull it is almost distracting for your opponent lol.
Well take a look and let me know what you think.
Happy Painting.

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