Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Kastle Flea Market!

Hey everyone today was the Game Kastle Flea Market and man was it crowded! This was my first time as a seller and not a buyer lol and met a lot of new people asking and inquiring about my painting and services. Also saw quite of  familiar faces from the The Independent Character Carl Tuttle also I believe the owner of Mythic Games of Santa Cruz sorry I forgot your name lol. Even a fellow Dark Angels player Mike was there shopping for terrain.

This was a good place to pick up bits or even a start of a new army. I only manage to sell the Servo Skull tape measure and the Deff Dred but everyone was looking for the flea market deals and not willing to pay for the price of a freshly painted army lol! But overall it was a great day talking to people about  painting technique and 40k in general. Hell my buddy Eddie made out well selling all his 40k books and classic Rouge Trader Chaos marines.

Well I recommend going to one if your local gaming store have one or recommend the owner to do one for your area, and it's a good way to sell off things you do not use anymore and make room for new items.
Thanks to Susan,Shane and Jason of GameKastle for making today awesome!
Here is a few pictures of today.

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