Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dark Vengence Cometh!

Ok the blogs and internet was buzzing for weeks now and finally yesterday I got mine at my local gaming store Game Kastle. I was a true nerd and was out there about a half hour before the store opened with my
buddy FastEddie enjoying our coffee counting the minutes go by. Suprisingly we were the only people there?!?!

Anywho once we got back to my house (my garage) and opened the box I was really impressed at the detail of the plastic models. Yesss like alot of folks bitched about the reuse of the tactical marines with DA icons from the last box set the rest of the models made up for it.
Like many of you who bought the Limited Edition we got a treat for you DA fans and got a really awsome
Interragator Chaplain!! The sculpt on it and the rest of the models are truely beautiful! Waaay better quality
then GW's Failcast uh um I mean Finecast. Ugh thats another posting later on that, back to the models.
The one awsome model that really stands out in the box is the Hellbrute. Even if you are not a chaos fan you can appreciate the sculpt of this model and the detail and time it took GW to engineer as a snap together model. I cannot wait to paint this model soon.

As for the Dark Angels well I been waiting for a looooong time ( the mid 90's and 07' ) for new DA models.
And man did they make up for the long years. The Deathwing and Ravenwing sculpts are very detailed for like I said for snap together models. The last box set the models are very static looking and had no soul.
The Company Master is sooo sweet looking and will look awsome in any DA force. Also noticable is the use of Plasma weapons in this army which the DA is known for and cannot wait for for the Codex in October to come out and see the special stats that rumours on the net are saying are true.

All the models minus most of the tactical squad are static looking but the all the Chaos models and the DA models are nothing static about them all are different and very noticable with the Chosen. They remind me on the helmets of the Japanese manga Guyver if any of you read or watched the anime in the 90's.
The use of Cultist is sooo coool and glad Chaos Marines will get a boost in thier allies and always good to see new models on the table.
Overall I am very pleased with Dark Vengence boxset and glad GW stepped up on the models and for the price is very aggreeable. Let me know what you guys think on this box set.

Now it's time for me to get cracking on the Dark Angels!
Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Awesome to see you back (again) I was wondering if you had thrown in the hobby but have been pleasantly surprised yet again :D

  2. Hey Knightley it's been a long time lol! Yea took a break from it all and was distracted with my new rifle and enjoying the summer with my family.
    You gotta take a break from the hobby so you miss the ol'gal and wanna spend some quality time with her lol!
    Well with 6th edition out for a while and Dark Angels got some new toys it got my juices flowing again.

    I will be back on Dakka soon to catch up on your amazing Grey Knights and dust off my blog on Dakka too.
    Thanks for checking up on me ;).