Monday, August 20, 2012


Sorry guys and gals I have been distracted with my new AR-10 rifle and my family enjoying the summer.

Now that summer is winding down and 6th edition is out my battery is now fully charged and picking up my projects where I left off. To get back into the flow I painted up a Ork Deff Dred using some new techniques I picked up from from my Internet buddy Nukeleasaur using oil paints.
I painted him Ork propper as I say lol, heavily weathered and rusted. Cause no Ork should be new looking!

Also started to work on the Blood Angels army that Fasteddie and I are going to sell once it's completed. All the HQ are completed and debating which one to add too this army. You all seen Astorath and Mephestin but I also have Dante. Well if anybody wants to buy them all they are welcome. I am trying to keep the cost down and sell it as a better Battleforce then what GW offers.
So here are the progress pictures hope you enjoy them.

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