Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Update, Mr.Justins class,Flood, Hotel.....

Hey Everyone sorry it's been a while, I had some drama at home with my kitchen sink main pipe broke and flooded part of my house!! The crazy thing fasteddie and I was at Santa Cruz and Mythic Games for Mr. Justins weathering class. Yep the same Justin of Secret Weapon! And just when the class started I got a urgent call from my wife screeming that the sink busted and was flooding the kitchen and family room UGH!!
Poor Eddie had too miss the class since he drove (sorry bro :P) and we raced back over the hill to bay to see the damage. Oh well that slowed my hobby down for over a week while my family was shacked up in a hotel till the contractors finished up.

                                           The owner of Mythic Games in Santa Cruz, CA.

                                           Justin setting up before class.

                                          Tips and tricks of the Secret Weapon pigments.

Now everything is back to normal and getting my garrage back in order I can now get back to what I love. PAINTING!!
So what you all missed out besides my flood, well I finally joined a painting circle at my local game store at Game Kastle and met a lot of cool peeps and it's growing by the week.
                                 Game Kastles Battle Brush Monday's Hopefully Saturday's too lol!

I also painted a warjack which I was trying to sell but a guy I intended to sell it too switched to Retribution and commissioned me to paint another jack instead.

                                           The warjack I was suppose to sell buy now keeping it
                                           the guys got me into Warmachine.
                                           Based and highlights.
                                           Magnetized parts ready.
                                           Almost done.

Now your all caught up and hopefully more updates will come soon. I am trying to finish my commish warjack for Isaac and also trying to finish my starter Cygnar battle group box set to play with my new painting group friends soon. I will post more on these guys and sorry for no updates on my Grey Knights I been distracted by disasters or now Warmachine LOL!! Oh well it happens.

Happy Painting!!


  1. Oh man, that sucks that your house got flooded. Good to see your back at it :)

  2. Hey Knightly good to hear from you! Thanks yea it sucked for 2 weeks and my desk was pushed to the other side of my garage since they had to redue some of the sheetrock where my desk was.
    Oh well everything back to normal and slowly painting.