Monday, April 9, 2012

Games Workshop "New" paint line? Love it or Hate it?

Hey everybody, well GW pulled out a old sales trick in my opinion for something that is technically the same product. A good internet buddy Nukelealosaur did his review on the new paint line and say's he liked it. Then another of my favorite airbrushing artist BuyPainted hates them. Both did video reviews and BuyPainted did a more scientific application review.

Well I have to go with BuyPainted (Sorry Nuke :( ) I believe this is a bad business move on GW and will cost the consumer and retailer alot of money. My local retail store had to chalk up 1k for the new racks which is bad in my mind and for a new hobbyist getting into Warhammer, and will have to buy 3 paint pots of the same paint just thinned down to different levels. This will scare off any new kids trying to get into this hobby if they stick with the GW line of products and dont know any other product of paints to use. Look at the price for the whole set and compare them to other brands. You will start to see GW competitors as the real deal and GW as a rip off especially the amount of paint you get in each bottle from other lines.

I am a Vallejo paints man myself from the Model line to Air. And recently trying out P3 paints due to the liquid pigments they use instead of dry pigments traditionally used in most paint line.(another post later)

Ok you heard my view on this let me know what you think and check out these vids from Nuke and BuyPainted.

BuyPainted review
Nuke Arts review

Happy painting everyone!


  1. I brought the new Ceramite white. Best purchase of 2012. True Story!

    1. Knightley thanks for the reply. Also let me know on the compairison between the old skull white and other brands. For me it's Vallejo Model stencil white cause its a great base and is a off white and you can actually hightlight it :-) and Vallejo Model Air White which is a vibrant white.
      I agree that certain color/washes are made better with different brands, for example I love GW washes (well the last formula before they changed the name and paint maker) and was very dissapointed with the Vallejo washes. Also now liking the P3 paints with thier liquid pigments which are perfect for wet blending.

      So if anybody else finds a certain color from a certain brand that you like or any more reviews on the new named GW paints let me know.
      Cause you will not see me buying the different stages of paint that GW has gone to especially when you can thin your paints cheaper or darken or lighten them with the basic colors you already own lol!!
      Again let me know what you think.

      Happy Painting
      GD1- Andre