Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to Art Of War Studio blog.

Hello miniature gaming hobby fans. I want to welcome you to my blog and share with you some of my work and the work of my favorite artist who inspire me to better my skill.

This blog will be related to 40k and other sci fi and fantasy model miniatures and hobby concepts of painting from airbrushing,weathering and other methods. I will try to discuss methods being used in the war gaming community lately and see the type of styles you are into.
I also want to help others as much as I can and point them to other sites that helped me in the past two years improve my painting and hobby skills.

Well again welcome to my first post and hope you like and subscribe to my blog. For now here is some of my work of late and will post WIP and other subjects.

Enjoy and Happy painting.


  1. Thanks for the invite. Your work is stunning and inspirational. I hope you do a tutorial w/ airbrushing. Looking forward the seeing what you come up with next!

  2. Awesome, and thanks for the invite man! Keep them coming, as I've got no time for the hobby at the moment... only lookin' at the stuff on Dakka and now here!

  3. Nice blog man, now you gonna have to double post on here and Dakka :) Now no more excuses on slacking!! Mr.Bloggy Blog!! LOL

  4. Skalk, Remi and Eddie thanks for tuning in my new blog.
    I knew I can count on my Dakka friends to follow me ;D!
    I will start another article soon.
    Thanks again guys!!

  5. You know i'm down with your blog dude! can't wait to see your articles and hints, should be really good, and another resource for me and anyone else wanting to produce mini's with finer points of details! thanks for having me along!