Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Astorath the Grim

Happy Friday everyone! Or as I like to say Cheeehooo Friday!!  As some of you know from Dakka Dakka I have been working on Astorath between my Dark Angels army. Here is my thread Dakka Thread for the people who want to catch up.

Ok why I wanted to paint this model? Well it is a beautiful model that GW made and I am a sucker to buy a great looking model and paint it.
I was shocked not to see to many people painted him and inspiration was very limited. So GW's take on him and using the artisan nature of the Blood Angels I mixed the Sanguinary Guard look to his armour.
So I used a gold trim around the muscle texture and keeping with the BA bling as I call it.

The model I got was the Finecast and man?!?! The flaws I found even under the mold veins where the resin flows into the model had bubbles.  I trimmed out those pieces to only expose a bubble hole under it!!
Oh well thats what happens when we are plastic crackheads and the crack dealer GW keeps turning out great models. We keep buying lol.
Ok back to the model I decided to paint him assembled due to it was easy to get all the details I needed to accomplish with my airbrush and brush.
So I primed him black and shot Vallejo Air Scarlet Red and that gave him a very dark red I was looking for.

Then applied GW Blood Red at a 90 degree above to get the light source/highlight.
Then I detailed him using Vallejo Liquid Copper, Red Gold, and Old Gold. These are the best metalic paints on the market by far.
Ok nuff jibber jabbering here is the model so far he is about 75% done.

A little music from my Polynesian brother Savage

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