Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Or should I say "How much fo one rib?". Meaning how much would Death From The Skies really worth? 10 bucks!
Really it would.  I can see why some people got nerd rage not just on the price but the whole direct sales.GW knowing once people glanced at it at their FLGS or GW store they would do a hard pass!
And GW would loose out like they did on their How to paint books.

If GW just did a special White Dwarf issue like they did with the Blood Angels there would be no gripe from Independent Resellers and customers and GW would save face with everyone.
My point you ask? Well WD cost roughly $10.00 USD and has roughly 140ish pages. DFTS cost $33.00 plus shipping of $9.00 with 72 pages. That's still close to 70 pages they could add like battle reports, Adds,and other games like WHF and Hobbit stuff! All for $10.00 bucks! The $33.00 I don't see how they can justify the cost especially when it's not a hard cover book.

They just reprinted stats of each army from their codex and threw in a reprinted gallery of "Some" of the fliers. My beloved Dark Angels fliers or Chaos Helldrake's are not even in the book?!?! Remember both of those codex's was released before this pamphlet. They could've at least threw in some Forge World fliers in to at least make it worth the hard earned cash we spent on this but like GW raise prices cause they answer to stock holders and not their customers. Hell only 25% of the book is new information with a story battle,missions and manouvers and flier traits. That's it!
The rest is reprinted information from all the codex's. Baaah!

Oh well that's my gripe lets talk about the pamphlet oh I mean Compendium in a positive light.
Like I mentioned its 72 pages and breaks down as
The Battle for Cardrim.
- A story that involves the White Scars vs. the Orks and to make things interesting the Necrons.
-A army showcase of each army involved at Cardrim.

Air War Missions
- 4 New Missions you can play.

Burning Skies
-Rules and Traits for each army Fliers.

-Pictures of fliers.

-Reprinted stats of some fliers


Army List
-Space Marines (not all Chapters), Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Orks


That's it folks. The battle story is a good read and army showcase gives you a visual feel of each army  involved in the story. The 4 new missions gives you a variety of game play to throw in the mix on game nights and local tournaments and with the Burning Skies gives you a in-depth rules and traits for each army fliers and is like the Warlord Trait section in the rule book but for fliers.
The book has color pictures of most fliers and is printed on the same paper as most codex's.
For Space Marines if your a Codex player good news you get the Stormraven.
Here are some pictures of the new Death From The Skies

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