Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's on GreyDeathOnes Desk.

Hello everyone. Sorry it's been a while since I last posted a blog, I been busy with Kirk's commission
and getting over with the flu so it's been a real drag Lol!
Well here is the update. Eddie had a frustrating time with Kirk's build of this box set and as GW great quality control he had some sprue mold issues. Some of them seem warped or the mold was slightly off and had to file, fill gaps and clamp these models while assembling.

Once he was done and dropped them off I had the easy part, painting! And since this is my basic table top Level 2 paint job this will be very quick. Kirk did not want anything special done just what the Larry the cable guy would say " g'tter dun!" so after prepping each squad separately I primed and based each squad and assembled the parts that got in the way of detailing the models like shoulder pads and bolters and jump packs.
So here are some pictures and should post more later. So everyone stay healthy stay motivated and
Happy Painting!


  1. Looking good even for a table top standard!

  2. Hey Knightley glad you like it. The only difference between my Level 2 to my Level 1 is not much detail and keep it real simple but still looks awesome on the table. Lol and less work!
    Sorry I have not been on Dakka for a while. How's the Grey Knights coming? Mine are still in the box lol!

  3. Yeah, working a push of Grey Knights in my standard Grey. about 25 terminators 10 PAGKs and 5 Purifiers quite a bit to get through ;)