Monday, November 19, 2012

Jason's Demon Engines Update!

Hey everyone another quick update on the progress on Jason's Forgefiend's. After my buddy Eddie of Mortis Forge magnatized both models I built a custom base using a lava theme, because green grass and dirt just don't fit these models. Unless there is a carnage of corpse spread all over the base lol!

Well I did a assembly line painting on both models to get the base color and highlight on them and now details of gold trimming,metallics and flesh tones. These are much easier to paint (less trimming) not like the Helldrake now that was not fun lol I recommend painting the wings separate from the main body before assembling. Ok one of the Fiends is 80% done and the other 60% gonna grind away on these before the end of the week.
Ok nuff talk, here is some progress pictures.

Happy Painting!

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