Thursday, November 1, 2012

Building a better battlefield.

Alright it's been close to a week after Novembers White Dwarf and man I got excited to see the new Imperial Defence Network terrain kit in this issue, and man what a beauty it is.

The detail is really good I mean awesome! This is the kinda terrain that adds a lot to your gaming experience once its all painted up and GW really shows that in the photos. But at $160.00 it is a expensive piece.
Now there is a alternative to this with less flare but does the same. Like I mentioned I will try to give a cost saving alternative when I can without scratch building it yourself which is time and money, and trust me your time is money!
So the alternative is from Warmill they have this awesome Barricade System and other incredible products and upgrades for their Barricade System. So for $129.00 you get a complete compound with a gate!!

This set can be configured to your imagination or set up for a defend scenario game.
But if you can afford both why not lol!
So there you go two awesome sets and two different price ranges. Which one will you get?

Mahalo and Happy Painting!

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