Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So you wanna start airbrushing?

Ok I get asked a lot of questions on airbrushing and one of them is what airbrush do I buy?
Well that can be a lengthy answer and with different answers. First off you must know this is a big investment regardless what route you take,the economy package or the rich man package.
I have already discussed this on my older post.

Today I will be discussing a good starter package that will have good results on your models and still have money left over to buy more models. I have been telling folks about about the Master Series of airbrushes you can purchase at TCP Global.
A great model out of the Master Series line is the G23 is perfect for someone getting into airbrushing.

It is a double action airbrush which will help you learn control on air and paint release. And for $49.95
that is cheaper then an new Land Raider LOL! The Pro set for $20.00 more will get you different size needles which is still cheaper then a Land Raider!
This model has a good size cup for mass priming and if you just add a few drops in the cup for base coating it will work just as fine.
So if you already have been shopping and noticed it looks like a Iwata!?! Well yea it's a Chinese knock off of one with a few slight difference. It still disassembles like one and feels like one but at the fraction of the cost.
So highly recommend this as a starter airbrush to learn off and if you find airbrushing is not you, we'll you didn't spend your college tuition or child's college fund buying it.

Now you got the airbrush what compressor do I get? Well I got a economy one for you that has been serving me or close to 5 years now with no failures. It has no tank but does have a moisture trap and regulator to adjust the air coming out of the compressor. Also it is pretty quiet not like the Craftsman one which sounds like a lawn mower on a Sunday Morning!
I got mine at Harbor Freight which is on sale right now for $69.99 and still cheaper then TCP Global but you can probably find one online cheaper if you look just make sure it has a moisture trap and regulator. Here is what it looks like.

So there you have it all for roughly $150.00 cheaper if you buy the package deal at TCP Global or web shop and maybe get it cheaper. This is still a big investment for our hobby but worth every penny.
And it's not like buying a Iwata at $400.00 -$600.00 just for the airbrush alone.
Once you learn the basic use of a airbrush you can later get into a higher quality brand that won't cost you tons of money like Badger, and Pasche which I have owned through the years. But this discussion is about the budget man or woman wanting to start off on airbrushing and getting the same results as the Pro's.

So last suggestions to those who already made the decision on buying one.

1. Practice practice practice.  Also ask questions from your favorite artist online! Don't be shy you will be surprise how many answer back. Remember they were exactly where you are now.
Also play with the PSI settings you should be at 25 PSI for priming or 15-17PSI for basing and detailing.

2. Thin paints especially if it is not airbrush specific. Thin to skim milk.

3. Test spray before applying it on a model. If it spurts thin down, if it runs add mor paint and still test spray. If it is still spurting flush and start all over.

4. Flush clean after every color used. Use distilled water or Windex. Hard water can build up in the airbrush after time. If possible flush cup first and dump it in a cup and wipe up dried paint then flush it with distilled water or Windex. This will prevent large pigments clogging the nosel.

5. Clean airbrush once a month as a preventative maintenance by disassembling the airbrush and wiping the needle down or soaking the airbrush in Windex if needed. Reassemble and flush cleaner through it to make sure all dried pigments are cleared.

Ok there you have it hope this helps out on your decision and feel free to ask me any questions.

Happy Painting!

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